Nominated for Pearcey Queensland Entrepreneur Award 2023

Darren RoganThe Chief

As I look back on the incredible journey, I am grateful for the honour of being nominated for the QLD Pearcey Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2023. The recognition was not just a personal recognition but a celebration of the innovative entrepreneurship that defined my time as the driving force behind Rogues Lab and wider community ecosystem for over the last 15 years.

Congratulations to Yas Grigaliunas and all the nominees who shared in this recognition. Yas's achievements during that time were a testament to her remarkable spirit and drive.

Recalling Yas's journey during my time as a mentor in the River City Labs Accelerator, it's incredible to see how she doggedly pursued the World's Biggest Garage Sale idea in 2018, witnessing her grow it into “Circonomy” is inspiring.

The award ceremony, was emceed by Wayne Gerard with special guests, including The Honorable Mark Bailey MP, Ray Merlano (Data#3), Terry Weber (Cisco), and Jordan Green & Paul Gampe (Pearcey Foundation). It truly was an unforgettable event!

A sincere thank you to my fellow nominees—Alex Sorina Moss (Canaria Technologies), Ashley Llambias, Chris Jeffery (CyberGuru), Chris Kerrisk (Cérge), and Geoff Augutis (Queensland Computers). Congratulations to you all!