Celebrating Excellence: Blockchain Australia Blockies Nominations

Darren RoganThe Chief

In the dynamic and rapidly evolving realm of blockchain and community leadership, it's both an honour and a privilege to be nominated for prestigious awards such as "Blockchain Leader of the Year" and "Community Leader of the Year." While the outcome may not have brought home the trophies this time, the experience has been a tremendous affirmation of the collective dedication and passion within the blockchain sector.

🏆 Congratulations, Danielle Marie - Blockchain Leader of the Year

I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Danielle Marie, the deserving recipient of the "Blockchain Leader of the Year" award. Over the last four years, Danielle has showcased unwavering commitment and leadership in both local and national communities. Her passion for education and blockchain is not only evident but also commendable, as she continues to drive educational initiatives, imparting knowledge through recognised educational credentials.

Danielle's role as the driving force behind ATB, a growing crypto community, further highlights her impact on the industry. Her dedication to organising events has undoubtedly enriched the community, providing valuable insights and fostering connections within the blockchain space. I share in the joy of witnessing her recognition as a leader who consistently prioritises education, growth, and transformative impact.

In reflecting on my own journey, I've had the privilege of contributing to the Queensland startup ecosystem for over a decade, playing vital roles in startup weekends and as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence. My commitment to action has been demonstrated through consistent project launches and advancements in both web2 and web3 domains. As an executive, entrepreneur, and builder, I continue to walk the talk, prioritising the progress of the industry.

🏆 Kudos to Mark Monfort - Community Leader of the Year

A round of applause goes to Mark Monfort, the outstanding winner of the "Community Leader of the Year" award. Mark's leadership with the Aus Defi Association has resulted in the growth of a vibrant DeFi-focused community, aggregating insights, news, data analysis, and various resources to make the topic of DeFi more mainstream. Mark's tireless efforts in building a massive community with multiple state associations at an impressive speed showcase his commitment to the growth and development of the blockchain community.

In my own engagement beyond boundaries, I recognised the need to broaden the audience beyond developers, leading the relaunch of the GC Blockchain Meetup, resulting in a more inclusive community. Through speaking engagements at Something Tech, TAFE Applied blockchain events, ICT general technology events, and academic events, I've consistently advocated for the industry and contributed to the broader dialogue.

While my recent efforts might not have resulted in winning the awards, I take pride in my commitment to reinforcing the blockchain ecosystem. Initiatives like mentoring in the TechStars Global Startup Weekend Web3 program and involvement in Tech Accelerators reflect my dedication to nurturing emerging talent and facilitating knowledge transfer within the industry.

A Shared Commitment to Excellence

As we celebrate the achievements of Danielle Marie and Mark Monfort, along with the recognition they rightly deserve, it's crucial to acknowledge the collaborative nature of the blockchain sector. The diverse contributions of individuals like Danielle, Mark, and myself collectively contribute to the growth and maturation of our industry.

To the winners, congratulations once again on your well-deserved accolades. Your dedication, passion, and leadership are shaping the future of blockchain, and I extend my sincere appreciation for the positive impact you continue to make. As we move forward, let's embrace the spirit of collaboration and innovation, knowing that our collective efforts will further propel the blockchain industry to new heights.

Blockchain Australia - Blockies National Awards 2023

Individual awards:

Blockchain Leader of the Year - Danielle Marie

Community Leader of the Year -  Mark Monfort

Creative Leader of the Year - Greg Oakford

Diversity & Inclusion Leader of the Year - Samira Tollo

Rising Star - Jock Haslam

Business Awards:

Organisation of the Year - Zerocap   

Digital Currency Exchange of the Year - CoinJar   

Project of the Year - Stables   

Excellence in Blockchain Education - RMIT University   

Excellence in Technology Development - Chainalysis   

Startup or Scale-up of the Year - Stables   

Outstanding Professional Services - KordaMentha